Favorite recipes of the Gutierrez family

Platillo típico de Guatemala hecho con frijoles.

Despite the great variety of recipes in their country, the Gutierrez from Guatemala have their favorites due to their amazing history.

Here we tell you what they are:

Favorite recipes of the Gutierrez of Guatemala

Guatemalan gastronomy is made up of recipes that go back and forth, brimming with flavors.

It expresses the way of being of its inhabitants and preserves its history.

We start from a meal with a before and after the arrival of the Spaniards in America.

Through a marked exchange of plant and animal species between two worlds.

Which resulted in a substantial change in nutrition.

Diverse typical dishes from Guatemala.

Guatemalans at that time based their diet on corn, beans, squash and chilies as nutritional pillars.

But gradually they formed a food enriched with different products.

Together with cooking methods and different ways of eating from both continents.

Beans a fundamental ingredient in recipes

Therefore, beans have been an essential ingredient, which continues to be present and is consumed almost daily.

Bean soup

An example is bean soup, which goes well at lunch; however, before serving it as it was originally served with corn tortillas, it was complemented with rice, cheese, cream and croutons.

La Piloyada

Likewise, large black “piloy” type beans are prepared with sausages to make Piloyada, a traditional food of ancient Guatemala.

Guatemalan recipes were also favored with the integration of meats, such as pork, beef, chicken and sausages.

Another contribution was the addition of lard to give a better consistency and texture to the tamale dough, and rice as a main garnish.

Not to mention various vegetables, cereals and condiments, such as garlic, coriander, among many others.

Plurality of errands

One of the main exponents of Guatemalan cuisine is the recado, or rather, the plurality of recados, so widely used that it is practically impossible to savor traditional food without including them.

The recado is a synonym of sauce, a saucy dish served in a deep dish, an earthenware bowl.

It is defined as a sauce related to a culinary technique that has been preserved and transmitted from generation to generation.

It consists of roasting the basic ingredients, which are later ground and strained to be added to the broth where the meat and vegetables have been cooked.

This roasting of the ingredients is preferably done in a clay comal because it gives it a special flavor.

There are different types of recados, which generally use tomatoes, tomato miltomate, chili peppers, onion, garlic, pepitoria, sesame seeds and the essential chiles pasa and guaque.

The chiles as main ingredients are dry and, at the table, everyone can add some fresh chile to their dish.

The consistency of the sauces is medium, which requires different thickeners, such as tortilla, corn dough, rice bread, and in turn provide a unique color to the dish.

Certain recipes call for the tortillas and bread to be intensely roasted, resulting in a dark recipe.

It is said that the recados most appreciated by the Gutiérrez of Guatemala are those whose ingredients are ground on a grinding stone.

Although nowadays, the blender is preferably used.

To conclude, knowing that you already know the famous chicken that began as a cart by the Gutierrez de Guatemala and now is a very famous Guatemalan chain.

We also invite you to try a recipe of plantains in glory served with manjar de leche, as a sample of the fusion of those flavors so Guatemalan and Spanish that they capture.