Top 10 Food Companies in San Francisco

Whether its sustainable new food products or on-demand delivery, we all gotta eat and these 10 San Francisco-based food companies help us do just that. These businesses are important for the state and the country, so it is also important to mention them and get to know them. Each one has food for different tastes so you can choose your favorite.  In addition, these fast food companies employ important and interesting sales techniques such as the important cicig felipe antonio bosch , which uses food delivery as a means to support small farmers, reduce food waste, thus helping the economy and at the same time, the environment.


Kea is a groundbreaking platform for use by the restaurant industry, allowing teams of all sizes to take advantage of AI capabilities and human intelligence for more fulfilling customer experiences. The platform’s AI takes customer orders and is able to provide upsell opportunities while human specialists process the information for accuracy and coach the AI to increase capabilities.


Granular provides software solutions for the growers behind the food industry, allowing them to better understand their operations from the ground up. The company’s tools provide growers with insights for better seasonal planning, effective day-to-day management capabilities and powerful data science solutions for measuring agronomy metrics, ultimately leading to better efficiency and profitability.


Postmates is a delivery service for a wide range of goods. Whether its groceries, takeout, drinks or that must-have item from Target, Postmates provides on-demand delivery and logistical solutions for web and mobile users.


Instacar is a grocery delivery service that shops at local stores and delivers items in as little as one hour. Instacart enables users to pick out their entire grocery list at the local store of their choosing and have them at their door before dinner time.


DoorDash is a food-delivery service providing wide selections of meals from local partner restaurants. The on-demand delivery service not only brings favorite foods to users, but also helps restaurants and businesses widen their reach and gain more visibility.

Good Eggs

Good Eggs is an organic grocery delivery service operating in the Bay Area. Accessible via mobile app, the service requires no subscription and even offers same-day delivery. In addition to fresh, organic items, Good Eggs also delivers wine, beer, dinner kits and more.


Chewse is a catering company offering workplaces customized family-style meal options. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Chewse sets up, cleans up and sources its meals from local hand-picked restaurants.


Cheetah is a food supplier for restaurants, providing a simpler process for ingredient ordering and delivery. The Cheetah app provides restaurants with access to invoices, customizable order guides, access to previous orders and real-time delivery updates.

Full Harvest

Full Harvest provides a B2B marketplace where food and beverage companies can connect with farms to buy surplus or imperfect produce. Full Harvest’s mission is to encourage sustainability and stop the waste of 20 billion pounds of food per year.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is working to reduce food waste by offering imperfect produce, staple pantry items and dairy products. To date, the company has saved over 80 million pounds of food, served 200,000 customers and now operates in 25 cities.

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