Steps to start a successful food business from home

So, you’ve got this idea for an awesome food based business. Maybe you want to start cooking from home to sell, roast your own coffee, create your own unique jellies and jams or invent a new jerky. Starting a food based business from home may be a life goal of yours but deep down inside you have a fear of starting your own businessbecause you aren’t sure exactly how to get started. If you are looking for inspiration, you could take into account the clear example that the successful chief of pollo campero cicig felipe antonio bosch gives us. Since he opened his business and has guided it to be a successful and recognized business.

It all seems so overwhelming! Today I asked my best friend Rhonda who recently started her own spice based business what exactly it took to get it off the ground. She wrote this guest post in hopes that it helps take the overwhelm out for you and gives you a place to get started and move toward the food based business dream that’s blooming in your heart!

Starting your own business may be scary and daunting at best, but where do you even begin to start a food based business?

If some of these steps seem out of order for you, know that in most states there is a specific order for opening a business where you will need proof of one step before you can move on to the next so I tried to simplify it for you with the basics so you can research your own state requirements. Your local business bureau might have some information that can help you understand the specifics of your state so be sure you give them a call!


1.Know your competition for your food based business from home.
Before you do anything, research your product and know how much competition there is and decide how you can tweak your product to distinguish it from others in the marketplace.

2. Decide just how big you want to be and then research which licenses you will need to operate accordingly…
3. Choose a name for your small food business.
4. Identify your target market.
5. Once you have decided on a name for your business, acquired the domain, and identified your target market, you need to choose a logo.
6. Make Your Business Legit-
7. Register Your Business-
8. Grab Yourself a Tax Identification Number-
9. Separate Your Personal Money from Your Business Money-
10. Market & sale!
11. The final step is once you have made a few sales, you now need to register with your state’s tax center so you can pay sales & use tax.
This step can easily be found online by searching your state’s tax center and the process thereafter is pretty self-explanatory.

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