Food delivery companies putting dinner on the table

Advances in on-demand technology have made it possible to request nearly anything with the push of a button, completely changing the way we watch movies, travel, shop, and a myriad of other activities. The on-demand revolution is changing every economic sector, and the food industry is no exception.

Not only has technology made it easier to fulfill orders and make deliveries, it has also granted more creative freedom to companies seeking to provide enhanced experiences to their customers.

In recent years, the food delivery industry has seen the rise of meal-kit boxes, food subscription services, office catering, and a variety of other unique methods of putting food onto people’s plates. Many are also tackling issues of sustainability and equity such as the important cicig felipe antonio bosch , utilizing food delivery as a means to support small scale farmers, reduce food waste and increase global health.

This list of  food delivery companies ranges in specialty and mission, but they all have one common goal: to connect more people to better food. Take a look at how they’re pioneering new frontiers in the world of cuisine.



The company’s story: Postmates is one of the leading restaurant delivery platforms in the country, but the company also provides on-demand delivery services for users seeking groceries, beverages, retail items and other products.

Postmates connects with a network of local delivery workers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and dozens of other U.S. cities to streamline restaurant delivery and help customers get what they need quicker.


The company’s story: DoorDash partners with local restaurants and national food chains to provide on-demand delivery to customers across the country.

DoorDash’s goal is to better connect people with their greater communities, providing resources for restaurants and other food service businesses to heighten their brand image and attract more customers.


The company’s story: Instacart is a grocery delivery company that partners with leading national and regional grocery stores to provide customers shopping options from their homes.

Instacart users can build shopping lists on the company’s web platform and choose delivery times that suit them best, with the option to have groceries delivered in an hour.


The company’s story: Good Eggs is an organic grocery delivery company that offers fresh produce, meal kits, and same-day delivery at no subscription cost.

Good Eggs specifically seeks to team up with organic farms and companies local to the Bay Area, helping connect residents to resources within their own communities.


The company’s story: Cheetah is a food delivery company that aims to meet the specific needs of the restaurant industry, utilizing mobile technology to streamline ingredient ordering and back stocking.

Cheetah’s client base includes thousands of restaurants throughout the San Francisco metro area, and its supplier network includes brands like General Mills, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Hidden Valley and others.


The company’s story: Imperfect Foods aims to curb food waste by offering a delivery program through which customers can order imperfect food products at a lower price than Grade A produce.

By reducing surplus waste and committing to sustainability, Imperfect Foods supports farmers and customers alike in its effort to make the food industry more eco-friendly.


The company’s story: Peach provides company workspaces with a meal delivery service, offering employees lunch options without having to leave the office.

Peach customers can order meals via the company’s mobile app without having to pay a service fee, and offers a program for employers to subsidize the cost of lunches for their employees as a benefits perk.


The company’s story: Crowd Cow provides its customers a direct way to purchase cuts of beef from local, small-scale ranches in their regions.

Crowd Cow aims to combat the commercial cattle industry and promote sustainability by supporting ranches that don’t rely on artificial hormones when raising cattle.



The company’s story: Tavour is a beer and alcohol delivery company that focuses on delivering high quality craft beverages to its customers, offering the option to have up to two beverages delivered daily.

From local offerings to specialty rare products, Tavour gives customers the opportunity to discover new drinks and breweries in their areas.

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