Meal Delivery

3 Meal Delivery Services

Delivery services are popular nowadays. They provide convenience and are often affordable. In this day and age, these types of services improve your life and save us time.

Entrepreneurs such as Cicig Felipe Antonio Bosch recommend making use of these services if you do not have enough time to go shopping on your own. In fact, it is often beneficial, since they usually have discounts.


3.- Very Good Butchers

Don’t be fooled by the name—this is a vegan food delivery service. Like a butcher, though, they offer boxes of plant-based “meats.”

Choose from three boxes for delivery: A Big Box of Meat, the Charcuterie Pack, and A Very Good Pack, and a Very Good Family Barbecue Box. Boxes include items like veggie burgers, “ribz,” pepperoni, taco filling, barbecued jackfruit, and a variety of sausages. They also have vegan cheeses available for sale on their site.

-Cost/Minimum Order:Boxes $50–$101

-Availability: Canada, the United States and U.K.


2. ButcherBox

ButcherBox isn’t really a meal delivery service; it’s a butcher delivery service. Choose between a custom monthly delivery box or one that’s curated for you.

They offer pork, chicken, beef, and seafood. Classic boxes include 9–14 pounds of meat and big boxes contain 18–26 pounds of meat. Meat arrives frozen in temperature-controlled packaging, and shipping is free.

-Availability: Continental U.S.

-Reviews:”I’ve had my subscription to ButcherBox for about a year now. The box saves me so much time at the supermarket. I love the fact that their chicken is organic.

You are hard-pressed to find that quality elsewhere unless you shop at upscale grocery stores, and then you’re paying double the price.

When I’ve had to speak to customer service I’ve always found them to be helpful. I love that they have a range of options to choose from, from poultry to red meat to fish. For anyone with a really busy lifestyle like myself, this is a lifesaver.” —Kristen


1.- FoodFlo

This is a vegan meal delivery service for the hip Los Angeles set. Everything is gluten-free, alkalized, high-protein, and packed with copious amounts of vegetables.

Meals are prepackaged and already cooked; they can be reheated in the oven or on the stovetop. Choose between a weekly delivery of 6–18+ meals called the “Reboot” or a short-term option to get four weeks of meal deliveries, called “Restore.”

-Cost/Minimum Order: Reboot meal pack: $113/week or $119 for a one-time order

-Restore four-week meal pack: $479

-Sample Meals:

* Chilled zucchini & basil soup
* Veggie pot pie
* Lemon blueberry poppy seed bread

-Availability: The majority of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Also ships overnight to metropolitan cities in CA, AZ and NV.

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