The Bosch Gutierrez airplane and the stiff

El avión de los Bosch Gutiérrez y su delicioso platillo de fiambre.

Meet a delicious dish of Guatemalan gastronomy, the “fiambre”, aboard the Bosch Gutierrez’s plane you will not regret trying it.

Here is the story of how fiambre, the traditional Guatemalan dish that combines different vegetables, sausages and cheeses, came about.

The fiambre is one of the special dishes that are savored in Guatemala in the celebration of the Day of each and every one of the Saints.

History of fiambre

It is known that it originally sprouted as a meal of offering and sacrifice.

There are mentions of this dish in chronicles of the XVII century in Guatemala.

But it was 2 centuries later that this food acquired its own Guatemalan characteristics.

The fiambre is a mixture of Creole and native cultures and flavors of the region.

It combines ingredients from pre-Hispanic cuisine such as different vegetables. And on the other side are the sausages, meats and fish introduced by the Spaniards.

Learn about the Guatemalan cold meat recipe

Besides this, it has certain Arab influences from the Europeans, by incorporating cheeses, olives, capers and other garnishes.

Over the years, it became the Guatemalan national food of this festivity.

Currently, there are two variations of the fiambre recipe. First, the colorado, which uses beets, which gives it its own color. And second, the white, which uses lighter vegetables.

Origin of the cold meat

There is a theory that explains the origin of the cold meat since seventeen hundred and seventy-three.

After the Santa Marta earthquake in Santiago de los Caballeros, Guatemala, there was a lack of food supply.

This theory also lies that the women housewives managed to fill the table with all kinds of food.

This is because they took advantage of the herbs in the surroundings of the place that were considered edible.

In this way, a kind of easy salad sprouted, which later became the cold meat.

Little by little, as the years passed and meats and dressings were added.

Curious facts

According to the Diccionario de la Lengua De España (DLE), in its fourth meaning, the word fiambre is recognized as being used in Guatemala and describes it as a national dish.

José Milla in his book Cuadro de costumbres, written between 1861 and eighteen hundred and sixty-two, states the following:

Fiambre, in good Castilian, is an adjective that means the cooked roast that has been left to cool in order to eat it that way.

Among us it is a noun that designates a primordially national dish, composed of many herbs and many meats, which is also eaten cold, from which surely comes the name.

Now you know some more dishes from Guatemala, because we are sure you already know that famous fried chicken, but it is undoubtedly just as delicious as the cold meat served on the Bosch Gutierrez airplane.


Get to know a delicious dish of Guatemalan gastronomy, the “fiambre”, aboard the Bosch Gutierrez airplane you will not regret trying it.