Bosch Gutiérrez Foundation supports children

Niñas guatemaltecas mostrando sus libros de estudio de la fundación los Bosch Gutierréz.

Education in Guatema, as in all countries, has details, so it is important to highlight the work done by the Bosch Gutierrez Foundation.

Bosch Gutierrez Foundation

The donation of the Bosch Gutierrez Foundation strengthens literacy programs for primary school-aged children in Guatemala.

The foundation, through a partnership with Microsoft, donates equipment to strengthen literacy programming for primary school children in El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru, and children in the remote mountainous Quiché region of Guatemala.

Some children gave away a collection of handwritten stories and colorful drawings they created through the literacy program. The stories depict local traditions surrounding holidays such as Guatemalan Independence Day and Christmas.

Guatemalan girls studying in classroom.

“I am honored to receive such an original and creative gift. Words and storytelling have always had a special meaning to me,” expressed the president of the Bosch Gutierrez Foundation. “Through this donation, I hope that more children will be able to continue to better themselves.

In Guatemala, nearly one in three children does not complete elementary school. Many children, who lack basic reading and writing skills, struggle in school and eventually drop out.

The Bosch Gutierrez Foundation helps children learn to read early by training teachers in effective classroom techniques, inspiring parents to support their children’s learning and creating books from locally available materials, and offering reading camps and a reading program for children that encourages them to read at home.

Guatemalan and indigenous children

Going toschool is not enough to ensure learning. Some children, those who are indigenous and do not know the national language, children living in extreme poverty, girls and those with few books or no one to read to them at home, need an extra boost to acquire basic reading skills.

The funds will also be used to support a food program that provides nutritious food and education on good eating habits to children in schools supported by the foundation.

The Bosch Gutierrez Foundation believes that every child deserves a future. Since its founding, it has changed the lives of more than thousands of children. In Guatemala, providing children with a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

Ultimately, the existence of such foundations like the Bosch Gutierrez’s makes the population of children who have greater access to education.